Studio 543

Teaching Philosophy

Studio 543

 Marlene Wondergem, music instructor



The joy of music and  the delight of exploring music with others are what motivate me to be a music teacher.

My role is to monitor, encourage, guide, and communicate techniques that will enable students to express ideas and emotions through music with accuracy and artistry, to express music that is inspired.

Respecting the individuality of each person, students are treated with dignity.  A nurturing and structured environment is provided, one sensitive to the differences in learning styles.

My goal is to provide tools that will enable my students to enjoy music now and throughout their lifetime, to give them "training wings,"  challenge them, outline effective practice techniques, and provide opportunities to share their music with others. 

My expectation for students is that they practice  their assignments as instructed.  Progress is directly related to practice.  


At this point in my life, my teaching focus has shifted to adult piano students.  As much as I have enjoyed the decades of my life exploring music with children and young people, I am now restricting my studio to adult students who are interested in beginning piano study or are interested in further developing their skills.